Best Foods For Healthy Bones And Joints

A list of healthy foods for strong bones and joints nowadays many people suffer with poor bone health as we tend to eat too many junk foods and refined carbohydrates poor bone health can lead to conditions such as osteoporosis and rickets and can increase the risk of bones breaking eating sugary foods and refined grains blocks nutrients like minerals from being absorbed into the bones and joints in today's Topic we will share with you a list of the top 16 foods for strong bones and joints these will help the body to improve bone  density by putting the right nutrients into the body.

  • 1 Collard greens:

   leafy green vegetables are some of the best sources of calcium this mineral strengthens the bones and hardens their framework the calcium found in vegetables is more easily absorbed than those found in supplements.

  • 2 Bone broth:

    bone broth is by far one of the best things that you can consume for strong bones and joints this is made from baal bones and is rich in collagen and calcium collagen is used to build bone and joint tissue and then calcium strengthens it.

  •  3 irish sea moss:

    this is a red seaweed superfood that is rich in trace minerals like magnesium and calcium phosphate it helps to strengthen the connective tissues in the joints and increase bone density.

  •  4 Bladderwrack:

    bladder wrack is a type of brown algae which is often consumed with irish sea moss the combination of these two algae is very helpful in keeping the bones and joints strong in old age as the body ages the bones can lose minerals so this helps to keep them high.

  •  5 Gelatin:

    scientific studies show that eating gelatin every single day can reduce the risk of arthritis breaks and joint pain you can eat this and delicious jellies and it can be used in many delicious recipes.

  •  6 Goose liver:

    also known as foie gras goose liver is one of the best sources of vitamin k2 this vitamin takes calcium out of the arteries and soft tissues and puts it into the bones where it belongs.

  •  7 Eggs:

    eating pasteurized eggs supplies the body with proteins and fats that can help in building collagen and bone tissue the yellow yolks are rich in vitamin D which helps the bones to absorb minerals.

  •  8 Moringa:

    also known as drumstick tree Moringa is a tree which is often used to boost health you can purchase powdered Moringa leaves and add to delicious recipes it is a wonderful source of calcium and magnesium for strengthening the bones.

  •  9 Cheese:

    if you are trying to protect your bones with a each or have osteoporosis then consider eating cheese often grass-fed cow cheese is the best quality and is rich in protein phosphorus and vitamin k2 all of these nutrients are vital for bone health.

  •  10 Almonds:

    eating a small handful of nuts each day can improve the health of the body rapidly almonds are another great source of phosphorus which works with calcium to build stronger bones remember that bones and living tissue so eating healthy foods nourishes them throughout life.

  •  11 Apple cider vinegar:

    if you suffer with indigestion or burning in the chest then you are likely to have low stomach acid apple cider vinegar strengthens the stomach and allows it to absorb more nutrients and minerals drink a tablespoon in a glass of water before eating a healthy salad to help remineralize your bones.

  •  12 Cherries:

    studies show that cherries and dark cherry juice can reduce the risk of bone loss with age cherries help to reduce pain in the joints if you suffer with arthritis and can help the bones to grow stronger with age.

  •  13 Salmon:

    oily fish like wild-caught salmon are rich in bone boosting nutrients a wonderful source of vitamin D which helps your body to put calcium into the bones it is also high in omega-3 which contains DHA for excellent bone and joint health.

  •  14 Sauerkraut:

    this is a form of fermented cabbage which improves digestive health to absorb more minerals cabbage is yet another leafy green vegetable which is rich in bone boosting nutrients and can strengthen connective tissues in the joints.

  •  15 Okra:

    we highly recommend eating foods which are high in vitamin K like okra this works alongside vitamin D to put calcium and other minerals into the bone tissue eating okra Swiss chard arugula and spinach can help to prevent fractures and strengthened bone tissue.

  •  16 Mineral water:

    drinking a good quality mineral water each day can improve the entire function of the human body we highly recommend drinking a volcanic sourced water as these tend to have the most trace minerals for optimal joint and bone health.

 as you can see there are many foods that you can eat for strong bones and joints the foods mentioned today also provide raw materials for excellent teeth nails and other tissues in the body if you suffer with osteoporosis or have bone related problems be sure to get the apple cider vinegar into your diet you can take this in capsule form if you do not like the taste it is vital for strengthening the stomach and absorbing more minerals you may also take a supplement of vitamin d3 and k2 these work together to unblock the arteries of calcium and put it into the bones where it belongs eat gelatin and leafy greens as often as possible to maximize the strength of your joints connective tissues ligaments tendons and bones.

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For What is Green Tea Good For | Benefits Of Green Tea

  •  1. Green tea is known as one of the healthiest drinks in the world. It was discovered in Ancient China in the year 2737 B.C. Drinking this every day has some powerful health benefits for the human body. 
  • 2. Green tea leaves are taken from the plant known as Cammelia sinesis. These can be used fresh or dried and are steeped in hot water to make a herbal tea. 
  • 3. Many people use green tea for acne and as a powerful skin healer. Green tea leaves release polyphenols into the water which are anti-inflammatory. You can also apply cold green tea to the skin with a cotton ball to quickly dry out pimples and spots. 
  • 4. If you are trying to lose weight then it is recommended to drink herbal teas regularly. Green tea contains antioxidants such as (EGCG) which help the body to balance its blood sugars and tap into your own fat reserves for energy. Green tea also has small amounts of caffeine which can boost the metabolism and activate a higher rate of fat burning. 
  • 5. You can also purchase a concentrated form of green tea which is called Matcha Tea. This is grown differently and contains a higher amount of chlorophyll. This is the green pigment found in plants which helps to detoxify the liver, and remove harmful toxins from the body.
  •  6. If you suffer with a lack of mental focus or find yourself feeling drained often, then drinking green tea can help. Green tea contains small subtle amounts of caffeine. This compound helps the brain to make faster connections between neurons. This means that you can focus better and get rid of brain fog naturally.
  • 7. The drink contains a vast amount of phytochemicals such as polyphenols and flavonoids which help to fight disease at the cellular level. Many people drink green tea to help their body in fighting cancer or radiation sickness.
  • 8. As we get older, dangerous free radicals can cause damage to the body. If left unchecked they lead to faster aging and a higher risk of cancer, eye disorders, diabetes and many more illnesses. The phytochemicals found in green tea destroy free radicals from the body, helping you to stay healthy.
  •  9. If you do not like the taste of green tea you can purchase green tea capsules or tablets. These are easier to take on the go and are a great way to boost your health.
  • 10. Applying a cold compress soaked in green tea to the eyes can reduce puffiness and bags. It also soothes eye strain and tension if they feel itchy or dry.
  • 11. The catechins found in green tea can fight the bacteria which causes bad breathe and plaque in the mouth. Drinking 1-2 cups a day  canhelp to keep your mouth healthy.
  • 12. You can find many green tea shampoos and conditioners in health stores. These help to prevent dandruff and promote a healthy scalp and hair.
  • 13. Green tea can help to prevent heart disease by balancing cholesterol levels. Taking supplements is an effective way to aid in protecting the  cardiovascularsystem.
  • 14. Studies in Japan have shown that drinking green tea each day can increase lifespan by multiple years. For this reason, we recommend switching soda and sugary drinks to green tea to see some excellent health results.
  • 15. After consuming this wonderful tea for a couple of weeks, you will notice higher energy levels and greater mental clarity. The nutrients and phytochemicals are absorbed  bythe body and used to promote healing over time, so stick with this.
  • 16. If you suffer with type 2 diabetes then consider taking green tea often. Studies show that this can improve insulin sensitivity and help the body to balance its blood sugars naturally.
  • 17. A green tea footbath can be used to treat athletes’ foot. Soaking the feet often in this destroys the foot fungus and helps to heal the affected skin. 18. The EGCG nutrients found in green tea mentioned earlier, are also shown to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease.
  •  19. Gargling with green tea can help to heal a sore throat if you have a cold. You can  also hold green tea in the mouth to reduce bleeding gums after a tooth is removed.
  • 20. It is highly recommended for teenage girls to drink green tea during their development. Green tea has been shown to fight HPV infections and reduce the growth of abnormal cells in the cervix.
  • 21. Green tea helps to cleanse the digestive system and the colon. This helps you to use the toilet regularly and reduce the risk of colon cancer, especially with age.

  •  22. Adults who drink green tea daily have a 50 percent less chance of developing depression and mood disorders. The phytochemicals help to keep the brain sharp, healthy and emotionallyp peaceful
  •  23. If you do suffer with stress often then be sure to get this into your diet. Soothing herbal teas are a great way to unwind and relax the mind and nervous system.
  • 24. Green tea or matcha powder is sometimes used in baking delicious desserts. These are for indulgence only and should not be overdone.
  • 25. Do not underestimate the power of green tea, or it's more concentrated form called Matcha. It may be one of the best decisions you ever made in drinking this regularly To learn more about nutritious foods and herbal teas, please see our other Topics. Thank you very much for being here ❤️ , a like is always appreciated and remember to subscribe
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Health Benefits Of Reading Everyday

Hi everyone,I'm going to tell you why reading can significantly improve your life.

Knowledge, improved memory, imagination, focus, reduces stress, develops critical thinking, entertainment, self-esteem, makes you smarter, so on and so on. There is a huge list of benefits that you reap just by picking up a book and reading it, but in this Topic we are going to go a little deeper and discover the core reason why we should start reading and never stop.

 There is no person in the world that has all
answers and there is no one completely satisfied with how they live. We all need guidance. We cannot achieve anything alone and without learning from others. Reading is a form of training for living. Life is so complicated and there are countless
traps that can be avoided by reading books. Those books contain accumulated knowledge from countless generation that got that knowledge from many trials and errors that you can easily avoid.

We can learn from the mistakes and successes
of others, applying their wisdom to our lives. If you have any problem in your life, there
is a person who had the same problem, solved it and wrote a book about it. Reading can shake up our world view. Not just one book, but one sentence can entirely change how you perceive the world and shift direction of your life. What you once believed can be altered in a moment and you can become a completely different person. And the more you read, the more different ideas float through your mind, the more you start connecting those ideas and drawing a clearer picture of the world you live in. Your knowledge compounds over time and you end up with a great resource to refer to in any situation. To be a little bit poetic: We read so we could live, dream, and connect to the endless stream of human existence and consciousness. Connect to the misery, the grief, and the evil. But also to the wisdom, the compassion, and the beauty.

We must read because it's the key to understanding humanity, and nothing is more interesting and complex than that. You know what. I just changed my mind in the middle of the video. I'm going to explain a little bit better those other benefits of reading, which are important, but less important than the main benefit and the core reason that I already explained. So, number one, focus and concentration. Being able to focus is one of the crucial things you need to be successful and as a matter of fact to be happy in todays fast
world. Reading improves your focus and concentration because when you sit down and read, your entire focus is invested in a book and by practising to focus, your brain gets better at it with time.

Number two is reduction of stress in your life. We all want to be less stressful and enjoy carefree life. Reading slows down your heart rate and eases tension in the muscles. Also, a well-written novel can transport you to other dimensions, letting tensions drain away and allowing you to relax. And third and last on this list is building self-confidence. By reading many books, you communicate better and become more informed about various areas of life. You will always have something
to say in conversation and all this translates into a higher self-esteem.

Now, as always, I have a question for you. What is your favourite book? Share it in the comment section, so others can maybe get a chance to enjoy similar pleasure by reading that same book.

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Check How Does Spicy Food Benefit You

Check How Does Spicy Food Benefit You 

amazing health benefits of spicy foods they say that variety is the spice of life and that couldn't be more true when you look at well spice can you handle the heat in addition to the superhot taste we associate with Chili Peppers other types of spice include garlic turmeric cumin ginger and even cinnamon if you're a big fan of spicy food then we might just have some good news for you in addition to kicking your cooking skills up a notch many different types of spices

also contain a wealth of health benefits to boot let's take a look at some of the
ways eating spicy foods can have a positive impact on our health before we
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Is spicy food help you lose weight !!

  according to data collected from a number of different studies certain types of spicy food may be able to give your metabolism a temporary boost which can in turn assist you with weight loss by burning through calories at a faster rate according to nutritionist and author Pamela Peeke the consumption of spicy foods that are rich in capsaicin such as red peppers

increases your body's temperature and stimulates your body stores of brown fat as a result you can expect to experience your metabolism to be boosted by as much as 5% and an increase in fat burning by as much as 16% in addition to helping you burn calories and fat at a faster rate spicy foods can also help with weight loss by slowing down your appetite research from Purdue University indicates that eating spicy foods can reduce your appetite and lessen your food cravings reducing the chance of overeating and snacking on additional calories that you don't need

 however it's worth mentioning that the calorie burning effects of spicy foods like red peppers seems to be especially strong in people who don't eat spicy foods on a regular basis which seems to imply that your body can potentially build up a tolerance to spicy foods as well as the benefits it provides it's also worth mentioning that the weight loss benefits of red peppers and other spicy foods are not a substitute for a proper diet and exercise so don't go canceling your gym membership just yet.

 Is spicy food good for heart ! 

  in addition to helping you towards a healthier weight spicy food may also be able to improve your health by preventing the risk of developing heart disease according to a study published in 2017 certain types of spicy foods such as chili peppers were found to greatly reduce the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease other researchers such as Professor of cardiovascular medicine Michael Miller

suggest that certain types of spices such as red pepper and turmeric can help
improve your body's circulation by causing your blood vessels to dilate and
reduce blood pressure additionally it's also possible that turmeric might be
beneficial to your hearts health by lowering your body's levels of LDL
cholesterol otherwise known as bad cholesterol on a more basic level research has also indicated that people who enjoy the taste of spicy foods are likely to consume less salt in their daily diet which can also lead to lower
blood pressure as a result sounds like this is one type of heartburn we can certainly get behind .

 Check How Spicy Food can relieve pain 

to anyone who hates the taste of spicy food this one might sound a little hard to swallow however the potential for spicy food to relieve certain sources of pain is actually fairly well documented it's theorized that foods rich in capsaicin

can potentially target a chemical within the brain known as substance P which
plays a role in the pain your body feels from injuries by targeting this substance capsaicin is believed to help dull or lessen the pain these injuries cause other studies have also suggested that capsaicin may also
be effective at protecting your body against ulcers by eliminating a type of harmful bacteria known as h pylori because of its supposed effectiveness at treating pain some doctors may even prescribe over-the-counter creams for pain relief they use capsaicin as an active ingredient other types of spices
known as ginger and garlic are also noteworthy for anti-inflammatoryp and throughout history have been used for medicinal purposes such as treating everything from headaches for joint pain and arthritis .

Spicy food can prevent cancer

 in addition to all of the other benefits
we've already mentioned so far the capsaicin found in chili peppers and other types of spicy food may also be effective at fighting off certain varieties of cancer according to senior health care consultant Gregory a Plotnik off this is because capsaicin contains many of the same properties as certain types of drugs used to treat cancer and as a result they affect our bodies in similar ways a UCLA study has also determined that capsaicin was able to successfully limit the growth of cancer cells in mice while preventing any damage to healthy cells data collected from studies by Cancer Research UK also demonstrated promising results for the spice turmeric which in early clinical trials was found to help reduce the rate at which cancer cells grow

however despite the body of evidence that seems to support certain spices being effective anti-cancer agents much of these findings are still inconclusive due to contradictory sources and as such the actual effectiveness of capsaicin and other spicy foods still remains up for debate in the scientific community .

 Spicy food can help improve
your life 

according to a study published in 2015 by Harvard and China National Center for Disease Control and Prevention eating spicy food as part of your regular diet may actually be able to help you live a longer and healthier life based on the results of the study it seems that eating spicy food is often as once per day or even six or seven days a week is enough to reduce the mortality rates by as much as 14% if that wasn't enough spicy food might not only extend your life but also improve the quality of life as well the consumption of spicy food also boosts your brains production of certain hormones associated with positive feelings and emotions such as serotonin as a result spicy food may in fact be able to help lessen the negative emotions that come as symptoms of certain mental health afflictions such
as depression in high levels of stress in other words integrating spicy food into your everyday meal plan will help you live longer as well as live better perhaps more than any other variety of food it seems like spicy foods causes the widest divides in terms of people
who either can't stand it or can't get enough

 however for those of you who always opt for the mild salsa at the grocery store perhaps these health benefits associated with spicy food will make you feel a little more adventurous
in the future and might even encourage you to spice things up in your every day diet after all no pain no gain what's your take on spicy food do you always order the spiciest hot-wing on the menu or are you a little more mild-mannered in your daily diet we'd love to hear your feedback on the topic

so as always be sure to let us know what you think in the  comments section below and help us keep the conversation going

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Four Steps to Creating Your Diamond Self


Think back to when you were an infant, toddler, or young child. Look at photos
where you were all smiles, alive, and in the moment. You were born with innocence, natural curiosity, and joy in the world. The original you was a fully present, adorable little being, in touch with all of her blissful feelings and naturally assertive and self-expressed.

When you were that sweet child running around, what did you enjoy? Was it the running around, or cooking on your Fisher-Price play stove? Maybe it was sitting still staring at a bumble bee. Were you a big talker or a chubby witness who sat on your potty throne and took it all in? Did you love to finger paint? Think back and remember that early time when you were free to play and explore the world. What were you like? This is a time before you were boxed in by your parents’ and society’s expectations, fears, and neuroses. Before you were ignored, shamed, or told you were bad. Before the limitations and fears set in.

Chances are, all those early traits are still with you, in their grown-up manifestations. And they are all utterly you and okay. In fact, they are charming, even captivating. But they may be entirely hidden.

Being real means you become grounded in knowing that you are beautifully okay just as you are. You regain your basic wisdom, which is grounded in the ability to know what you really want and need. You are free to feel your feelings and be in love with life, just as you were when you were first discovering the world.

Build on that early identity so that you open the beautiful facets of yourself like a well-cut diamond. Take chances. Be different. Have fun. Dance on a table, be silly, sing off-key. Don’t do anything self-destructive, but catch the impulse, follow it, and see what you say or do. Play and let.


Gratitude is the recognition that we have gained something of value in our lives and not necessarily through our own efforts. Regularly practicing gratitude has been linked with creating happiness, contentment, pride, and hope. To be grateful is to look at your life regularly as a beneficiary of random and premeditated acts of kindness. In a Gallup survey, 90 percent of Americans reported that when they expressed gratitude or thankfulness it helped them feel either “extremely happy” or “happy.”

In the previous section, I asked you to reconnect with your authentic self, the innocent self of childhood. This process may arouse painful memories of abandonment, abuse, or betrayal. If you hit any new waves of painful memories, talk about them and work through the issues with your master Love Mentor coach, Team Love, or a therapist.

Ultimately, you want to let go and create more happiness for yourself by living in a state of gratitude. To live in this state, you must learn to look at the past very differently. The past no longer exists; only your stories about it exist. And there are always many different viewpoints one can have about any event. If you allow yourself to stay with the old negative stories in your head you are actually revictimizing yourself. You are creating pain for yourself right now.

In order to stop hurting yourself, begin reframing your past more positively starting with childhood and adolescence and then moving on to old love relationships. Remember successes and times you felt lovable and loved. Even relationships that had horribly negative aspects or ended badly had wonderful or
good parts.


This is one of the most important exercises in this whole book! It has helped thousands of women all over the world become more self-loving, self-confident and naturally charismatic so that they were able to create love relationships beyond their wildest dreams! The Diamond Self work is based on research that shows there is no such thing as a fixed structure in the brain that represents the self! The “I” or personal identity you think is permanent is actually a process in your neural network that is always in flux. Noted author Dr. Joe Dispenza describes the process:

You are a work in progress. The organization of brain cells that makes up who you are is constantly in flux. Forget the notion that the brain is static, rigid, and fixed. Instead, brain cells are continually remolded and reorganized by our thoughts and experiences… nerve cells can be seen as dancing patterns of delicate electric fibers in an animated web, connecting and disconnecting all the time. This is much closer to the truth of who you are.


Act in ways that your Diamond Self yearns to act. Be gorgeous, real, and flirtatious with both the hotties and not-so-hotties. Make a grand entrance as Foxy Locks Laurie, or Passionate Playful Beloved One if you feel like it. Dance yourself out even if no one else at the party is dancing. Feel with your intuition; get a gut sense of what interests you, what you need to say, or which action calls to you. And if fear is there like a demon blocking you, do it anyway. Fear lights the way to mastery.

In some situations, anxiety or fear is a helpful red light that is good to heed. After all, fear signals are hard-wired into our DNA as instincts. Looking both ways, avoiding dark alleyways, and protecting children in public spaces are just a few examples of our innate vigilance. But when fear stops us from meeting new men or trying for a dream job, it is best to see it as a green light showing us what we must jump into as soon as possible. And once we dive into these new waters, that fear turns into excitement because at their core, anxiety and excitement are one and the same sensation. It’s all in the interpretation. As Joseph Campbell wrote in The Power of Myth, “The Demon that you can swallow gives you its power.”

Obviously, we first have to ensure safety. But then the task is how to approach the fearful situation and conquer it, whether that involves leaving the house to go to a party alone, texting or calling a new guy on the phone, or going up and introducing yourself to a hottie. In order to do any of these activities, practice relaxation techniques such as deep or belly breathing. Simply put your attention on your in and out breaths, gradually slowing them down. Anchor your attention there and you will relax.

How do you find a Love Mentor?

Let’s start with getting a master Love Mentor. This is a person you look up to,
who is like a good parent or loving benefactor. Like a good mother, she sees the perfection in you.

Most self-help books talk endlessly about how you can’t rely on others to give you what you need. Well, on one level that’s true ultimately you have to do it for yourself. But it’s an awfully long road, pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. In the end, you won’t succeed anyway by trying to be Ms. Independent. So give yourself the gift of a mentor. You are the only one who can, and as Oprah once wrote: “You must be fearless enough to give yourself the love you didn’t receive.”

Finding a master Love Mentor will open the door to love. This is a person who provides a kind of reparenting for you. And this process is the secret, the strategy that has totally transformed my life and the lives of thousands of others.

A personal story first: I was the fifth daughter born to a Sicilian family that only valued boys. My mother was less than thrilled to have me. When my father found out I was a girl, a throwaway, he did not bother to come to the hospital to see me. The rest of our relationship flowed from there. Basically, the only attention I got from him was a hard smack on the back of my head while he called me stronzo (a turd).

Growing up, I was disconnected from myself, shy with outsiders, and pretty much mute. These wounds did not exactly set the stage for love with a man. Instead they landed me in the Abuse Recycle Deadly Dating Pattern, among others, throughout my early dating life. I dated bad boys who treated me like crap. I hungered for more. There was no amount of rejection I seemingly couldn’t handle. At one low point I was lost in the throes of sex with one of the bad hotties and another girl called him. He jumped away from me, threw on his clothes, and ran out the door. And, like a fool, I actually agreed to see him again. That’s a Deadly Dating Pattern for you.

But in my early twenties I got into a PhD program in clinical psychology and my life changed forever. I lucked out and got into therapy with an innovative psychologist who was a validating and prizing coach. He told me that I had great potential and that I was smart and beautiful—all the things I needed to hear from a parent. I thought he was either insane or just lying to build up my self-esteem, but in a secret compartment of my heart, I slowly took it in and began to feel lovable. This therapist never crossed any boundaries and was not sexual with me in any way. He was, however, my surrogate father and a master Love Mentor, because he helped me love myself. Out of that experience, I was eventually able to accept the love of a good guy who was crazy about me and willing to grow. That man is my husband, Sam.

So, even if you come from a very difficult family background, have suffered emotional setbacks in your early love relationships, and don’t exactly have the highest levels of self-esteem, you still can create love in your life. If I can, you can.

Secrets of Rapid Online and App Dating Success

Do you want to learn how to leverage the technology that has resulted in more than 600,000 marriages on one site alone? Online dating on sites and apps has created a new age of romance that makes it entirely possible to find a great partner in just 90 days. 

I call it the Age of Abundant Love! An estimated 200 million singles globally now use digital dating services each month. And they are succeeding in finding soulmate love! Recent research has found that one in three marriages in the U.S. now begin online. Online relationships progress to marriage faster. And they are happier marriages! And they last longer!

Apps have exploded our dating possibilities. A 2016 study by the Pew Research Center found that 59 percent of Americans think dating apps are a good way to meet someone. And our Love Mentor® coaching results in working with tens of thousands of single women suggest they are right! This is because dating is a numbers game. And apps are a super numbers game!
For example, as of late 2014, an estimated 50 million people around the world use Tinder every month with an average of 12 million matches a day.

 And apps are great because with most of them you have to indicate interest in a guy who is matched with you in order to communicate. There are fewer unwelcome messages from unsuitable DUDs who can randomly say Hi to their heart’s content, like there are on dating sites. Plus, things move a whole lot faster on apps, so you can sort out many DUDs very quickly.

But there is a downside to using this crowded digital bar. Spam and bot profiles are also common, where you are just being lured to a spammy link; and these bots are programmed to come across as real humans. In fact, 49% who message a match never even get a response. Also, apps started to facilitate hookups. While they are now used to find relationships for the most part, men can still wind up sending or requesting sexually explicit photos .

App users have become fickler, as they face match after match to swipe on. Dating apps can be like an addictive online game for guys, where they are just seeing how many women like them or using apps for a mindless diversion.

 Lack of engagement and ghosting, where people abruptly disappear on you without warning and for no apparent reason, is common with app meet markets. Plus, our brains are only wired to handle around 8 or 9 choices so facing all the myriads of choices offered from an app can be paralyzing to you and to the matches you are interested in. And finally, texting is the new way of communicating with a match and can go on endlessly without ever leading to an actual meeting. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can spend 10 to 14 hours to get one date.

You are no longer constricted by time and space in terms of meeting interesting men; you now have a smorgasbord available right at your own laptop or phone. And you can sample the different dishes at this spread any time, day or night. Online dating and apps are formidable tools that give you power and control. They provide a practice ground for figuring out what you want, for always having a field of men to filter through, or for knowing you can always have a flirty encounter or a date during a dry spell.

But, Dr. D., is online or app dating right for me? you ask. The answer is a resounding Yes!—if you know how to work them. I’m going to show you how to make the most of your digital dating experience, coaching you through potential pitfalls and giving you the Seven Secrets of Online Dating Success on Sites and Apps that have helped tens of thousands of clients and students. You’ll learn how to:

• create the kind of photos that draw men in droves
• craft a unique screen name and profile that represent the real you and act as men magnets
• describe your ideal match so that you maximize your prospects
• choose two different sites for better results
• optimize your search-engine ranking so that many more guys see your profile
• use the Love in 90 Days Online Dating Report to judge the productivity at each site or app

• pinpoint Red Flag DUD signs to weed out the liars, con artists, bots, and other disappointing guys quickly, both on-and offline, in order to find the STUDS

Many students in our Program who have followed through on these techniques and exercises have been amazed at how many responses they’ve gotten. Here’s what Susan, a thirty-three year-old nurse, wrote:

I was against dating online until I participated in the course. Then after really working on my profile and photo, I was overwhelmed with 150 responses on JDate. I’ve met some amazing men this way and within a month I was dating three interesting guys.

When you wade through all the men out there, you can truly find some great STUDs. Here’s an e-mail from a graduate who found the One who happened to be living right in her small hometown!

Had we not done online dating, we never would have crossed paths, even though we shared similar interests and lived so close to each other. I can’t get over how physically and spiritually compatible we are.

We both feel so comfortable with each other. Joe says he almost feels like I’m a part of his body. Me too! We both feel so “at home” with each other. Even doing something as simple as just holding each other close.

Before you log on, let’s bust the most common myths people have about dating online.

Program Dating Three to Find the One:

When it comes to dating, the Bard got it right. Moderation is key. It keeps you from moving too fast or too slow when you’re getting to know new men and what they bring to your table. And the most powerful way to achieve moderation is by using the Dating Program of Three.

The Program of Three is exactly the opposite of the urban legend “three-date rule,” which dictates that you must decide by the third date if a guy is potentially the One and have sex or lose him forever. On this dating program, you avoid that pressured decision and its aftermath: a Flame-Out that usually kills the relationship. Instead you date three men at the same time without having sex with any of them. By not seeing any one man too often, you find the men who are really into you and who will stay the course. Plus, you break out of your prison of Deadly Dating Patterns and maneuver more skillfully in the dating world. By following this program, you build your self-esteem and find men who are much more fulfilling.

Although the idea of finding, much less juggling, three guys may sound challenging if not downright impossible at this point let me reassure you: It won’t be once you begin using all the tools you’ll learn in this Program.

How to Work the Program of Three

I can hear you already. Dr. Diana, you might be thinking, I’m still trying to find one man to date. How can I find three? First of all, listen up, ladies: There are more than 51 million single men just in the U.S. right now, and different ones are coming on the market all the time! And every year there are new online dating sites that bring in whole new crops to choose from. There are men out there no matter what your age, weight, or “problem” is.

What if you have special challenges because you are African-American, over forty-five, a single mom, or so highly successful that you scare men away? Skip over to get the latest research on the real truths about these issues that will show you just how great the possibility of finding love is for you. It is here. Right now.

In fact, every student we have ever had who was willing to work the principles consistently, no matter what her challenges or Deadly Dating Patterns were, has been able to create a successful Dating Program of Three. “Where do I meet the men?” you ask.

 Good news: you’re already meeting them if you’ve been doing your homework, going to places where there are lots of men and saying hello. Oh, you say you’re really shy and haven’t done any of those activities so far? Well, there’s a special surprise in this TOPIC homework that is going to get you talking to men in the next few days!
You will also be putting out the word to your family, friends, and co-workers that you are looking, starting this week. And you will work two digital dating sites. In the next  you will learn powerful online secrets that bring the better guys to you. One coaching client had 200 responses on one online site alone! And you will learn to discover and connect to people with what I call your Diamond Self. This is the authentic, not-shy, real you who is loving and lovable. You will learn how to be at your best, which means you will be attracting even more men!


In order to work the program, you must cut back on the negative self-talk. I’m too fat, too old, too shy, I have too much cellulite—blah blah blah. Most women also carry around negative self-talk based on scarcity. This kind of stinking thinking compels them to grab the one they’re with. They think, I might as well jump in because there are no good men out there. There are too many women and too few men! or I have to hang on to him because I have to take whatever I can get! and other depressing, self-defeating thoughts. Committing to the Dating Program of Three banishes this stinking thinking.

There is nothing like having three men interested in you to boost your self-esteem. Being on the Program helps you practice the kind of self-loving inner dialogue that is an important key to creating a love relationship that lasts.
Here’s how Joan, a thirty-two-year-old Realtor who had emerged from an empty marriage a year before she started the course, describes working the Program:

It has been daunting to date three men as I never had dated that many at a time. But it is helping me to stay less attached to who I think is “the one.” And with so much attention, it’s strange, but I’m just beginning to feel, “I deserve to be courted. I’m worth it for guys to hang in there and work for me.”