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How to plan a scuba diving vacation.


How to plan a scuba diving vacation.

You recently earned your scuba diving certification and now you are planning a diving vacation to enjoy your newly acquired skills. Diving holidays can be an exciting vacation experience; however it does require a little additional planning to go smoothly.

 After all, a scuba diving vacation a bit different from throwing a couple of pairs of jean and t-shirts in an overnight bag and heading out for the weekend. This article is about how to plan a scuba diving vacation.

The first item to think about for your diving vacation is the destination. You will need to select a diving spot that is a good match for your skill level and budget. A local dive center or travel agent who specializes in adventure travel would both be great resources for ideas about diving packages and diving vacations. The Internet and scuba diving magazines are also sources for diving travel ideas.

Even though the main focus of your vacation might be scuba diving, you will not be spending all your time underwater. Both small ship adventure travel cruises and some resorts offer scuba diving as one of the activities for their guests. Keep in mind that if you select a cruise which offers diving, you will have the opportunity to dive in several different locations during one vacation. At most resorts, you are limited to to diving spots somewhat close to the resort.

Once of have decided on a location, the next step is to put together a planning checklist of what you need to do, buy or schedule for your for your vacation. Make sure to include every detail, such as booking travel and all the way down to your diving gear requirements. If you a planning an international trip, allow plenty of time to secure a passport, and visas or vaccinations if necessary. A little extra time researching the details means no unpleasant surprises a later date.

When planning your next diving vacation, here are few additional tips to keep in mind:

Set tentative dates when doing your research, but if you have a little flexibility in your schedule you might be able to find a great travel deal.

Consider a taking a small ship cruise which offers diving. Cruising is a very cost effective means of travel, plus you will be able to dive in multiple locations during your vacation.

Make photocopies of your important travel documents. Take one set and leave a set with a friend at home.

Clearly mark your scuba diving equipment you are taking on vacation. This will make it easier to spot.

Take your most important pieces of diving gear in your carry-on luggage.
Before packing, check with you air carrier about any restrictions regarding diving equipment and for up-to-date information about carry-on luggage restrictions.

For the new or seasoned scuba diver, a diving vacation is a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. So research your vacation options, make a planning checklist and follow up on the trip details. Have a wonderful vacation!

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