Saturday, January 25, 2020

Health Benefits Of Reading Everyday


Hi everyone,I'm going to tell you why reading can significantly improve your life.

Knowledge, improved memory, imagination, focus, reduces stress, develops critical thinking, entertainment, self-esteem, makes you smarter, so on and so on. There is a huge list of benefits that you reap just by picking up a book and reading it, but in this Topic we are going to go a little deeper and discover the core reason why we should start reading and never stop.

 There is no person in the world that has all
answers and there is no one completely satisfied with how they live. We all need guidance. We cannot achieve anything alone and without learning from others. Reading is a form of training for living. Life is so complicated and there are countless
traps that can be avoided by reading books. Those books contain accumulated knowledge from countless generation that got that knowledge from many trials and errors that you can easily avoid.

We can learn from the mistakes and successes
of others, applying their wisdom to our lives. If you have any problem in your life, there
is a person who had the same problem, solved it and wrote a book about it. Reading can shake up our world view. Not just one book, but one sentence can entirely change how you perceive the world and shift direction of your life. What you once believed can be altered in a moment and you can become a completely different person. And the more you read, the more different ideas float through your mind, the more you start connecting those ideas and drawing a clearer picture of the world you live in. Your knowledge compounds over time and you end up with a great resource to refer to in any situation. To be a little bit poetic: We read so we could live, dream, and connect to the endless stream of human existence and consciousness. Connect to the misery, the grief, and the evil. But also to the wisdom, the compassion, and the beauty.

We must read because it's the key to understanding humanity, and nothing is more interesting and complex than that. You know what. I just changed my mind in the middle of the video. I'm going to explain a little bit better those other benefits of reading, which are important, but less important than the main benefit and the core reason that I already explained. So, number one, focus and concentration. Being able to focus is one of the crucial things you need to be successful and as a matter of fact to be happy in todays fast
world. Reading improves your focus and concentration because when you sit down and read, your entire focus is invested in a book and by practising to focus, your brain gets better at it with time.

Number two is reduction of stress in your life. We all want to be less stressful and enjoy carefree life. Reading slows down your heart rate and eases tension in the muscles. Also, a well-written novel can transport you to other dimensions, letting tensions drain away and allowing you to relax. And third and last on this list is building self-confidence. By reading many books, you communicate better and become more informed about various areas of life. You will always have something
to say in conversation and all this translates into a higher self-esteem.

Now, as always, I have a question for you. What is your favourite book? Share it in the comment section, so others can maybe get a chance to enjoy similar pleasure by reading that same book.

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