Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Benefits of being ugly !


in current day and age everyone wants to look great why well perhaps for social acceptance career success or mate selection but looking great isn't always great and being ugly has a bright side you don't believe me / in this Topic I will give you four benefits of being ugly

 Luke's maxing it's the new thing I had never heard of Luke's maxing before last year and well officially elected as my personal word of the year 2018 Luke's maxing means exactly what it says maxing out your looks while I don't think there's something inherently wrong with enhancing your physical appearance the whole looks maxing kinds of reflexes suicide you are living in right now it's all about the outside if you're ugly a good haircut losing weight or wearing nice clothes might help you look better but some people will be considered ugly no matter what they do I do believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder also I recognize that many societies and different time periods have their own beauty ideals which are for the most part collectively accepted in other words if your kinsmen think you're ugly and on the other side of the world they think you're ugly you are screwed or not because there are some serious benefits when people are not physically attracted to you let's dive in oh and I'm talking in the second person from now on but it doesn't mean I call you ugly just to be clear

1 you dodge many bullets:

 I would like to tell you a Daoist story I'll keep it short a long time ago in China that was a crooked tree this tree was so deformed and ugly that no woodcutter was interested in cutting it down the straight trees however were massively cut down because these were considered ideal for turning into wooden planks you see the ugliness of the crooked tree ensured that it grew very old and large while the straight trees and a top chopped when the years passed people started to notice the ugly tree because of its strange form and old age the tree was considered special and the clared sacred when you're ugly your path in life isn't the same as Chad and Stacy's who were both the most popular kids in high school thanks to their gifted genetics and be grateful that you're not them because Stacy's dating life can be summarized as a string of bad boys who only like her because of her looks and Chad became a sex addict turned to alcohol and drugs and because of all the female attention he never received the incentive to make something of his life also he impregnated a woman who was nothing more than a casual date if you know what I mean if you're ugly however you are probably free of this misery be happy about that.

 2 you rely on personality:

 the fact that you're not gifted with looks is a great opportunity to work on other aspects of yourself one of these aspects is personality can't ugly people be charismatic people I think they can kindness humor intelligence being articulate are all assets that you can develop in the end I think that the kind sincere an honest person is much more appreciated than a person who looks great but is a complete asshole or asshole at another great thing is that people who like you I want to associate with you are doing this because of your personality popular and beautiful people are often used and abused because of the social status people want to be spotted with handsome and pretty people because this raises their prestige some groups of people especially the ones that are posting a lot on social media are entirely based on looks in reality they might even hate each other but I guess that doesn't matter to them as long as they look good together on Facebook and Instagram what a shallow existence you on the other hand are far more likely to have deep and meaningful friendships that do not revolve around such superficial aspects like the way your face looks the size of your muscles and if your purse matches your new jacket.

 3 you have more time:

 Chad and Stacey have their hands full everyone wants to be seen with them associate with them and they're chronically bombarded with whatsapp messages and phone calls life is hard when you're good-looking and popular daysy can match with basically any guy on tinder and chat doesn't do bad either on dating apps they've even dated each other Stacy really like chat she's picky of course but he met already Metz unfortunately for stacy chad has a laundry list of pretty girls that are chasing him and he can't disappoint them can he so he broke up with her it sounds so appealing but there's something in life called the paradox of choices which means that too much choice gives you a headache when you're ugly it's very likely that your partner choice is limited and that your phone isn't ringing off the hook because everyone wants to hang out with you and that's great because this means you have a lot of free time you can master an instrument build a business or write a book make some good use of it I would say.

 4 you're likely to be successful:

 do you think Mark Zuckerberg is a supermodel or how about Elon Musk okay Elon Musk looks good now but if you look at a picture of him when he was younger ouch imagine if Elin and Mark were studs when they were young do you think that they would have built Facebook and Tesla I don't think so I think they would have been too busy chasing girls like Chad being ugly can be a driving force for success and if you're not successful in finding a partner because of your looks you can use that frustration as fuel to achieve greatness I should emphasize that greatness is more than financial success you can be great in virtue as well nuns and monks are prime examples of that science has proven that generosity makes people happy you don't have to be pretty or handsome to be generous and do good deeds Gandhi isn't very pretty to look at and mother Teresa wasn't a Playboy model either so if you don't do well on bumble you can kill it by being good happy and humbled thank you for being here ❤️.

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