Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Easy Steps to get amazing Booty 😍


Ladies, let me tell you something - “I like big butts and I cannot lie”! Please excuse me while I sound superficial but there is nothing sexier on a woman than a big, strong, firm bootie! 

I will never understand why many women starve themselves to look like these “stick figure” runway models when there is not a man alive that finds these ridiculously skinny women hot. Men like women with curves, especially when these curves are a result of nice toned muscles, and bar none, the sexiest toned muscles on a woman are the butt and thighs.

Those of you that read my chapter in the “Best Core Exercises for Women” know that I am not a fan of muscle isolation – meaning that I don’t believe in just doing exercises that focus only on your butt and thighs while neglecting the rest of your body.

I believe that our body is designed to work as one unit; not individual parts. While I don’t believe in just concentrating on your butt and thighs I would like to help you design a workout that will not only help you build the body of your dreams but will also definitely help you build a strong sexy butt and firm thighs, because let’s face it, a flat butt does not look very flattering in jeans.
The benefits of a strong butt and thighs are not only aesthetic but can significantly improve one’s quality of life. The butt and thighs represent the largest muscle groups on our body so it is a no brainer that a strong lower body equals happy life! Do you want to run faster than everyone on the soccer field or what about jumping higher then everyone on the volleyball or basketball court?

Or maybe you wish you could hike up the side of a mountain like a Sherpa? Having a strong lower body is a positive life changer! Besides just wanting to look great, your motivation for working out should also include wanting to participate in life, not sit on the sidelines.

Sadly, too many people are all too happy to sit on the sidelines watching others have all the fun.  Now if you want the legs of an athletic goddess, and you are ready to start living, follow these six steps!!!

Step 1 – Throw away your thigh master and stop using weight lifting machines. Don’t believe the hype of infomercials or the numerous uneducated trainers; using machines is not only inefficient and ineffective, isolating muscles leads to muscle imbalances and injuries.

When we isolate muscles we tend to turn many of the supporting muscles “off” while only working the main muscles. This leads to really strong “major” muscles and extremely weak supporting/stabilizer muscles which in turn leads to injury. Do you have back pain? What about knee or shoulder pain?

More often than not, these common nagging injuries are a result of major muscle imbalances from the constant muscle isolation exercises that are recommended by the main stream “corporate gyms/trainers”. 

For the best results use free weight/body weight movements that engage your smaller supporting muscles. Before starting a free weight routine please find a qualified trainer to show you how to do these movements safely.

Step 2 - Squat, squat and then squat some more. If there is one exercise that is guaranteed to produce results in the butt department it is squats.
If you want a nice ass and you could only do one exercise it would be squats. In fact if I did not mention squats I would probably lose my “street” credibility amongst other fitness professionals.

If you ask a trainer for the best butt exercise and he/she does not say squats you should run for the hills because they obviously are not qualified. The good news is that there are many types of squats and most can be done with little or no equipment. 

• Body weight squats
• Jump squats
• Single leg squats
• Pistol squats
• Barbell squats
• Front kick, squat, front kick
• Round house, squat, round house
• Squat Jacks
• Box jumps (I know, not really a squat)

Step 3 – Do lunges! If squats are number 1, lunges are a close second for producing great “Ka-Pow” results. The most common types of lunges can be seen below:

• Regular lunges
• Jumping lunges
• Walking lunges
• Walking lunges with kettle bell pass through.

Step 4 – Stop running long distance and start sprinting. There are literally millions of fitness myths (at least it feels like it) and the idea that long distance running (distances greater or equal to ½ marathons) is the best exercise for health and body composition is definitely in the top -10 false fitness myths.
Long distance running leads to weak, skinny, frail bodies, take it from a man’s perspective, long distance runners are not grabbing our attention (no offense, but true). If you want beautiful tone legs start sprinting!

I am not talking about fast running, I am talking about all out running like your life depends on it sprints!!! If you are an adult it has probably been years since you did an all-out sprint. Please do me a favor and Google “women Sprinter Vs Marathoner” and you will see how much sexier a sprinters body is compared to a long distance runner.

Depending on your fitness level I have listed an example of a good sprint workout below:

• Beginner – 10 sets of 30-meter sprints about a min rest in between sprints
• Intermediate – 10 sets of 60-meter sprints about a min rest in between sprints
• Advanced – 10 sets of 100-meter sprints about a min rest in between sprints
• Optional – 10 sets of hill sprints
Before starting a sprint set you should do at least a 10-min warm-up. The goal of the warm up is to get the blood flowing, break a little sweat, and get your muscles really warm! You never want to do an all-out sprint when you muscles are cold.

Don’t forget to time yourself when you sprint, it is great motivation to try to beat your previous times!  All-out sprints are no joke and should only be done 2 times a week max!!!

Step 5 – Start kickboxing today! Trust me there is no better complete head to toe workout than cardio kickboxing. But please do yourself a favor and find a place that has real heavy bags such as CKO Kickboxing, do not settle for the water filled upright bags and never and I mean never settle for punching and kicking the air (what is the point of doing half-ass training).

Step 6 – Remove all grains and wheat from your diet! If you can’t give up bread and pasta (yes even whole wheat) get used to seeing lots of “cottage cheese”. Now I don’t mean to be crude but if you want a nice firm ass and head turning thighs you have to give 100% effort. I am sorry there is no magic pill or MLM “health” shake that will give you a sexy firm lower body.

The only method for success is hard work and eating healthy food. Why no grains or wheat? Because grains and wheat comprise of the majority of nutrient deficient calories we eat. In other words, grains provide lots of calories and contain little to no nutritional value (can someone say empty calories).

Please do not fall for the myth of “whole grains provide fiber”! Calorie per calorie
vegetables provide much more fiber and LOTS more vitamins and minerals compared to whole wheat products. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) what we eat effects up to 80% of our body composition.

In conclusion, eat only real whole foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. If it is highly processed it is bad, even if Julian Michaels is the spokesperson. If it is made in factories do not put it in your mouth!
Exercise descriptions:

Body weight squats – Feet should be shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointed out. Keep your chest up and squat as low as you can while also keeping your heels on the ground. Once you are in the bottom position push through your heels and stand back up. Recommend starting at  5 sets of 15 reps

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