Sunday, March 15, 2020

How To Make Her Chase You For a Relationship


In all honesty, this concept may blow your mind a bit,
but it is guaranteed to skyrocket your success with high-quality women when it
comes to starting a healthy long-term relationship. You MUST stand by this one
principle. If you do, your life will be a heck of a lot easier.

When you first meet a woman, it is IMPERATIVE that she
has the potential for being in a relationship with you. You MUST set your
standards high and know what you want first of all, and then you mustn’t allow
any woman to deter you from those guidelines. Do not even entertain women
longer than you have to as soon as you
realize that they lack something that is
extremely important to you.

Develop the manly habit of being willing to walk away from any situation that
doesn’t work for you. Walk away. Don’t entertain her; just walk away.

For example, if you don’t date women who smoke, don’t
make an exception because she’s drop dead gorgeous. You’re not being authentic
with yourself or her.

If you don’t date women who use foul language, be willing
to let her know that things between you both aren’t going to work. The same
applies if your guidelines state that you don’t date women who flake out on
you. Be willing to walk away my friend. It will make you far more attractive to
high-quality women and it will also give you an air of supreme confidence that
only few men seem to possess in this world.

You cannot “build” a relationship with conversation,
gifts, and exciting dates. No. That’s merely cultivation. It’s like having a
garden. You want to spend most of your time cultivating the plants and ensuring
that they’re growing and bearing fruit. It’s not like farming where you’d spend
a majority of your time tilling the soil and preparing the groundwork. I know
it sounds lazy, but trust me, it’s
better to cultivate a relationship with a woman that is worthy of being in a
relationship with you than try to transform her into relationship material.

You can’t turn a whore into a housewife. There, I said

To avoid being dumped or burned by low-quality women,
stick to your guidelines and communicate to her that YOU are the one who’s
trying to figure out if she’s right for you. YOU are the man in this situation
and being with a woman that adds immense value to your life is a TOP priority. You’re
not willing to settle for anything than the BEST.

But right now you’re probably thinking…

“How do I make her chase me?”

Easy, MAKE her jump through a few hoops.

It’s not being sneaky, it’s being judicious about how,
who, and what you spend your valuable time and energy on. As a high-quality
man, you must learn to appraise the
people, places, and things in your environment and make sound decisions on who
and what is worth YOUR attention. So learn to make women jump through a few
hoops to be with you, and you can do this best by following your guidelines.

For instance, in the preliminary stages of dating a
woman, don’t accept any excuses, cancellations, or run-arounds. In the
intermediate stages of dating her, if you’ve been quite clear that you’re
looking for a long-term relationship and she doesn’t want one, walk away.
Become a master at weeding out women who are either not very interested in you
or who don’t meet your high, but reasonable standards.

Learn to say “No”, and to feel good about it. Say it a
few times right now out loud. Say it with your chest out. Yell the word if you
want. Feels good doesn’t it? Yeah, it should. When you’re trying to find the
RIGHT woman, learning how to say “no” will be your most powerful weapon for

Always lead a woman into the kind of relationship YOU
want to cultivate. You lead, she follows. If she doesn’t like it, walk away.
And let’s say you’ve found a phenomenal woman with amazing relationship
potential. If so, when you feel the time is right, and you’ve assessed her
worthiness, give her the gift of your full commitment.

But does she want your full commitment? Yes, she does.

Trust me, if you chose the right woman in the first
place, she’ll be the one trying to catch
you for a committed relationship even while you’re still assessing her
value. The more interested she is, the less subtle she’ll be about it. If
you’re dating a highly compatible and gorgeous woman who’s so attracted to you
that she wants you all to herself, you my friend, have a wonderful problem on
your hands.

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