Sunday, March 15, 2020

How to Make Her Want You All to Herself


Your ideal woman wants to put you in a cage.
Yes, a cage.
She wants to come across a man that is so enticing, so wonderful, and so right for HER, that she’ll do whatever she possibly can to
get him in a relationship with her. But don’t worry; if you want a great like her this is a good thing.

To her, a good catch is like a rare songbird that she
would love to have all to herself every single day. Half the fun for her is
getting that songbird into her own special cage that she’s built for him.

You my friend are that rare songbird.

Or are you?

Here’s the caged bird philosophy in a nutshell:

You should really
be as free as a bird. You should be enjoying your life, singing, and happy as a
wild bird can possibly be. Your ideal woman wants a bird like you, and she
wants to trap a bird like you in a cage of commitment.

However, if a wild
bird like you flew freely into her cage, seeking asylum, she’ll begin to think
that something might be wrong with this “wild” bird. She really doesn’t want a
bird that’s going out of his way to be in a cage. That’s no fun. She
wants a bird that is free, wild, fun-loving, and happy with his life.

In other words, she wants a good catch, and a good catch
will not fly into a cage of commitment as if his life depended on it.

Although your mission is to become the perfect guy and
sweep her off of her feet, this does not mean that you’re supposed to just commit
to her from the get go without her trying to entice you as well.

Think about it.

When a woman says that she wants to be swept off of her
feet, she means that she’d rather not see it coming. And when a woman says that
she’s looking for that perfect guy who’s a great catch, she really, really
wants to CATCH him.

How are you going to sweep her off of her feet if she can
smell your neediness from a mile away? How are you going to be her perfect
catch if you’re throwing yourself at her?


Don’t even think about it.

Romance and seduction begin with the mindset that you are
a high-quality guy, and that your time and attention are important. You must
have the mindset that you’re just as important as anyone else, and that no
woman is above or better than you.

Think of yourself as a perfect catch. See yourself as
that enticing yet elusive guy that she (and other high-quality women) want to
get to know intimately simply because you are worth her time and attention.

Never give any woman, no matter how wonderful and perfect
she may appear, all of you straight out of the gate.

Of course, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be honest,
but make it fun, and make her chase you just a little. If you give her too much
attention too early in the game, you’re only going to come off as needy and

And no high-quality woman wants common.

In all honesty, the only time completely giving of
yourself to a woman will be beneficial to you is after she is already in love
with you.

Do keep that in mind.

Your job is to act the part, and make it clear that
you’re the selector. While you may entertain a woman’s company, you’re only
going to become intimate with her if you’re sure that she is right for you.

A strong and confident man has an air about him that
communicates that he is cautious and calculating in the kinds of women that he
spends his time with, and that he doesn’t need to obsess over one woman.

Your success will be based on how well you communicate
the fact that you are a good catch for your ideal woman. Ensure that you make
it clear through your words and body language that you’re interested in seeing
if she meets your standards (if she’s fun, cheerful, interesting, smart, etc.).
Do this by being laid back with her, mysterious, good-humored, and of

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