Friday, July 3, 2020

Best Way To Look Good in Your Jeans


I say “go up, up, for a better butt and thighs.”  If you are looking for the most enjoyable, best way to look good in your jeans, I suggest you climb something, eat right, d-tox and get rid of stress. Here are all my suggestions for a firm behind and how you can be cellulite free. 
You must strive for the total package if you want to look it. In order to have a good behind your success depends on five factors; aerobic activity, stretching, proper nutrition, detoxing, and reducing stress hormones
By gaining elevation you will be gaining a better butt. I am a mountain climber, so I recommend that you climb anything you can for a great rear view. I learned years ago when I started climbing, and training to climb, my whole lower body started to firm up and look better. 

When you are gaining elevation in any way you will specifically work the muscles of your butt and thighs. You do not need to be afraid of gaining muscle mass. 

I gain muscle very easy and I am always afraid of exercise that will cause me to do so. One very important secret I will share with you, to not gaining muscle while still getting a good workout, is that you must stretch. 

When you climb, the primary working muscle group utilized when walking up a hill is your butt or gluteus muscles. Your glutes are responsible for extension of your hips while walking up hill. 

During each step of exercise, you extend at your hip and allow one leg to extend back while the other moves forward. As your leg travels back, you must contract your glutes to help drive your body forward. 

The glutes are the large muscle group that makes up our buttocks, and their activation significantly adds to the amount of calories you burn while exercising, and even when you are resting. 

For these reasons you will raise your bottom line (the crease at the bottom of your buttocks) as well. The hamstrings, or back of your thighs, must also activate each step to help recoil your leg to the starting position. 

In addition, you will also be working the calf muscles. Located on the rear portion of your lower leg, the calves are important contributors to force production during climbing. With each step, you must push off the balls of your feet to lift your legs.  Your whole lower body will also be working as you naturally hold your balance.  

And as an added bonus, walking up hill is also a weight-bearing activity; other muscles also play a small but integral role in this workout. 

Your abdominals and lower back muscles must hold your body in the upright position as you walk. Swinging your arms to help generate forward momentum utilizes the triceps and shoulder muscles in your arms. If you set a goal, put in the time and effort to achieve it in the end, I promise you, you'll tell yourself it was all worth it.  

If walking, hiking, or climbing is not your style, you can still obtain the same benefits by imitating this exercise. Any activity that you are pressing your own body weight up will give you the same benefits, and is going to be great for your hamstrings, quads, and glutes. 

If you are able to get outside and hike and climb I highly recommend it, however, if you are more of a bike rider take your bike up the hill. If your office has a several flights of stairs, use them. If you prefer the gym, use the stair climber or tread-climber. 

Spin bikes are also great for climbing; all you have to do is set the tension harder and get up out of your seat. If you live where it is flat and you don’t have a gym you can simply step on and off anything that is sturdy. You could use a step stool, your coffee table or anything that is shin level or lower. 

I am not saying you need to be an elite mountain climber for a nice behind, you will notice the firmness, definition, and fat loss by doing 40 minutes of climbing cardio 3-4 times a week. 

Do not tell me you are too busy to exercise, if you want a nice back side, you must make the time. I know you are busy, we are all busy. However, if you want to be healthy, happy and look good in your bathing suit you must spend the time on yourself.

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