Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Great Guide For Doing Push Ups Correctly:


When it comes to push-ups, your form is vital. Each push up needs to be done flawlessly so that your total reps measured from workout to workout are on equal footing. If you did thirty perfect push-ups two days ago, and today you did sixty push-ups by going down only halfway, sticking your ass up in the air, etc., it’s totally impossible to determine if you got any stronger.

Here’s how to get set up to do a push up:

When on the ground, set your hands at a distance that is somewhat wider than shoulder-width apart. Depending on your forte and experience, angle your hands in a way that feels comfortable to you. Typically, your hands should be arranged so that your middle finger points straight up and away from you. You can also turn your hands slightly inwards if it’s less stressful on your wrists, or you can do your push-ups on your knuckles (as long as you’re on an almost soft surface like grass or carpet).

Arrange your feet in a way that feels right and comfortable to you. For some, it might be shoulder width apart and for others, it might be that the feet are touching. In general, the wider apart your feet, the steadier you’ll be for your push-ups, and will make it easier to complete.

Regard your body as one gigantic straight line - from the top of your head down to your heels. Your butt should not be sticking way up in the air or drooping.

If you have a problem getting the correct form with your body, try this: clamp your butt together, and then tighten your abs. Your core will be engaged, and your body should be in that straight line. If you have not been doing push-ups correctly, this might be a big alteration for you.

Your head should be looking slightly ahead of you, not straight down. If you’re doing them correctly, your chin and not your nose should be the first part of your head to touch the floor. Looking up helps you keep your body in line, but feel free to look down if that helps you concentrate more.

At the topmost of your push up, your arms should be straight and supporting your weight. You’re now ready to do a push up.

If you are too feeble to do this strict marine push-up, do it from your knees. If you are too weak to do it from your knees, then do only the lowering part, lowering as slowly as possible.

Here’s how to complete one repetition of a push up:

With your butt tightened, arms straight and abs braced, gradually lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle or lesser. Depending on your level of skill, age, and flexibility, 90 degrees might be the lowest you’re able to go, but you can go down until your chest (not face), touches the floor. To make it more complex, always start the first inch very gradually, taking 3 seconds to move the first inch and then keep the smooth movement going.

Try not to let your elbows go flying way out with each cycle. Keep them moderately close to your body, and take note of when they start to fly out when you get exhausted.

When your chest touches the floor (or your arms go down to a 90 degree angle), pause a little and then slowly move yourself back up until you’re back in the same position. To make it tougher, you can share the movement in halves. Do the first half (bottom position to elbows bent at 90 degrees) until complete exhaustion. After you have exhausted the bottom half, do the top half (elbows from 90 degrees to almost complete extension) until complete fatigue.

Congratulations, you just performed a correct push up. Recall - ten worthy push-ups and 5 crappy ones are hard to quantify against eleven good push-ups. If you can do only ten of something, record your results and target for 11 next time. Perfect form allows you to keep track of your developments week over week.

If you would like to reduce joint strain and engage more muscles while doing a pushup, take a close look at the Perfect Push Up. This is a very simple and inexpensive piece of equipment which is a must have for bodyweight exercises.

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