Sunday, July 5, 2020

let us change that fat to muscle


In this topic you will see exercises to maximize muscle growth plus calorie burning to decrease the fat that covers the butt and thighs.  Brooke and I want to make clear what you should expect when in the process of developing a well-developed butt.  

Since the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medias and Minimus, are the largest group of muscles in the body, you should expect your pants to fit differently than they have ever fit before. 
Through my 12 years’ experience working with female clients I have found that an unfamiliar feeling in your jeans makes you nervous.  And this could potentially cause you to stop prematurely with what works. 
Before you start, take measurements of your mid-thigh, upper thigh, hip, and waist.  

• Mid-thigh you should measure 7-9 inches up from the top of your knee cap.  That way the area is consistently measured each time.  

• The upper thigh should be measured from the crease of your groin and around your leg.  
• The hip measurement should be measured around the widest area of the butt.  

• The waist should start about belly button level and around the widest parts of the love handles.  
Measure every 4 weeks.  

If you haven’t lost body fat it is because you are not eating at a deficit.  This is the only reason people do not lose body fat unless you have major medical issues.  

This is your warning:  Your butt in your already tight fitting jeans might become tighter but your waist measurement will go down.  This is what you want at the beginning stages!  Don’t freak out and start changing things.  Trust me. If you are losing fat in your stomach area then you are also losing fat in the butt area as well.  

The tightness is a change in body composition of fat and muscle.  Also, if you are close to obese when you start then you will experience looseness of the skin in the thigh areas.  Be patient! The goal will be to increase muscle in the legs but that will take time and consistency.  

To understand all this you need to learn what fat is and what muscle is and how they are related.  Have you ever heard of someone or a fitness professional say, “let us change that fat to muscle”.  Well that is just a huge lie.  

Fat is one entity and muscle is another.  So when developing the butt and thighs, there are multiple goals you have to accomplish to reach that ultimate goal.  Fat has to be removed which is under the skin.  As fat is removed the skin’s appearance becomes loose looking because there is empty space now.  
Muscle is under the fat layers and must grow to fill up space.  The only way muscle and fat are connected is that stored fat is removed, and then converted into energy.  Muscle uses this energy to do work when food intake doesn’t satisfy that need.  Yes it is that simple!  

You need to work out and be active to burn calories and eat at a caloric level lower than what you burn in a day.  This will decrease fat deposits all over your body.  You can NOT control where fat comes off.  The only thing you can control is what muscles you develop.  
If you do not have enough muscle then it doesn’t matter how lean you get, you will NOT have definition!  

Here is a cross section picture of two different thighs that are the same size but are at different fat to muscle ratios.  You can see the fat layer plus the fat that is in-between the muscle as well.  

Now look at the leaner one, you can see that it takes quite a bit more muscle to be able to take up the space the fat does.  The conversion is possible but it takes a real approach to make it happen. 

To maintain a physique like Brooke’s, her response is simple, “I live a healthy lifestyle.  By this I mean I incorporate both healthy eating habits and frequent physical activity, in to my daily schedule. I consume a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, whole grains and a large amount of water.  

Watching what I put in to my body helps me build lean muscle mass and enhances the effects of exercise.  Thus meaning, that I not only feel invigorated, but my body looks toned and tight as well.  
My workout routines vary from day to day.  I tend to target one to two muscle groups per day.  Yes ladies this means I incorporate a wide variety of weighted exercises and cardiovascular training!” 
What is more important, diet or training? 

Although this is a debatable topic, both aspects are equally important. You should neither focus solely on diet or only on training.  It is 100% diet and 100% training, and both should be incorporated into your lifestyle.  Some women are afraid to consume proteins, and carbohydrates, but both are extremely important.  

Protein is essential when building muscle, and carbohydrates are your body’s fuel source.  Instead of taking them out of your diet completely, focus on ingesting them when your body needs them the most, for instance before your workout and after your workout.

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