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There are a few techniques that you’ll want to apply to your calisthenics exercises to ensure that you’re getting the best quality out of them. These include:


Getting your breath right whilst performing these exercises is very important.

When performing any exercise, there will be muscles that do the bulk of the work, and ones that support this movement. No matter what it is that you’re doing, your breath is always important, so it’s absolutely essential that you get it right.

The following bullet points give you examples of how you can improve the way

you breathe, also improving the way you exercise:

Belly Breathing – Your diaphragm is the powerful muscle inside your body that controls your breath. Proper activation of your diaphragm draws the breath deep from within your stomach, not your chest. To practice belly breathing, stand upright and place a hand on your stomach. As you take a deep breath, expand your abdomen so that you can feel it. With enough practice, you’ll be able to take a deep breath without your shoulders moving.

Static Electricity – Once you have mastered belly breathing, you’ll want to train yourself to exhale while deeply contracting your core from the inside. This is all to do with your throat. There is an opening in there, called the glottis. This prevents air from exiting your lungs, and can be used to seep air out as necessary. Do this, whilst tightening your abdomen. In fact, the best way to practice this is whilst performing static exercises.

Waiting to Exhale – The valsalva manoeuvre is often used to help with bodyweight exercises, and consists of using your diaphragm to create a bubble of air in your belly, which stabilizes the trunk during heavy lifting. Just be careful, as waiting to exhale can cause fainting if not done correctly.

Trying out all of these techniques can help you build up your body’s strength.


The speed you perform your exercises will increase as you develop. You need to be sure that you are pushing yourself to the absolute maximum in the 20 minutes exercise time (or whatever time you have personally set) so the you need to set the right speed for you, whilst allowing yourself to perform the exercise fully to get the most out of it.

As calisthenics is a high intensity exercise, you may wish to examine speed reps.

Speed training is comparable to plyometric training in that the movements are done fast and explosively. However, unlike plyometric, you do not get airborne when you do speed reps. In fact, when performing speed reps on workouts like pull-ups and dips that involve gripping a bar, it is recommended holding on tightly!

In addition, it can help to think about doing the negative portion of the rep as fast as possible, which will involve the antagonist muscles. This implies if I am doing speed pull-ups, I will think about pushing myself down away from the bar at the top of each rep.

Before trying speed reps of any exercise, be sure that you can first perform the exercise at a normal tempo with proper form. It’s also a good idea to warm up thoroughly before this type of training.

The main point to take from this is that getting the movement right, before working on the speed that you perform them, is utterly essential.


Getting the right movements is very important to calisthenics. The Exercises guide in this book has given you step-by-step instructions on some of the most common exercises you will partake in.

Calisthenics Movement also has a lot of great advice for you, whatever level of expertise you are!


Focus can be considered to be the most essential principle for skill accomplishment. Focus can also be one of the trickiest to implement. For simpler implementation, focus could be categorized into 3 distinct categories:

Short Term Focus – Remain 100% focused on the movements as you perform them. Don’t let your mind wander off somewhere else. This also counts for in between workout, as you’ll want to be mentally prepared at all times.

Midterm Focus - Keep working towards a single plan for about 3 months. That way it’ll be very difficult for your focus to trail off somewhere else. It’s long enough to be a goal, but short enough not to give you time to get disheartened.

Long Term Focus – Your end goal needs to be in your mind all the time. If it isn’t always there,

bugging you, you’ll never achieve what it is that you want.

Getting rid of distractions is a great way to keep you focused. There will always be things popping up, and getting in the way. It might be advisable to create a ‘What Not To Do’ list, to ensure that you know exactly what might crop up.

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